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Axie Infinity


NFT-based Strategy Game



Axie infinity is a blockchain-based game inspired by pokemon with a twist of magic cards. Breeding, raising, and battling your axies is the main focus of the game.

To play axie infinity, you will need 3 axies which will be your NFTs (non-fungible tokens), to acquire 3 axies, you normally need to purchase them from the Axie Infinity MarketPlace.

From battling monsters in adventure mode and leveling up your axies, to defeating opponents in the player vs player arena, you will enjoy the whole experience and at the same time you can earn decent money.

Throughout playing the game you will be receiving tokens called SLP, which you can trade for real life money on different platforms such as Binance. Axie is currently ranked the #1 NFT Ethereum game of the world.

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